1. "Some times it is possible to see many poses of the same customer in the same photography house taken lifetime."

    Hamza Rustem Photography Museum

  2. The sunrise view from Kemal’s home.

    A city of great importance in any Greek’s heart. Izmir today has nothing to do with Smyrna during the 1920s. The Great Fire of Smyrna (13-22 September 1922) was the starting point for the city’s current profile.

  3. From Ayvalik to Izmir.

    August 2014.

  4. Moments in Ayvalik.

    August 2014.

  5. Life in Ayvalik, August 2014.

  6. Walking in the narrow streets of Ayvalik.

  7. The exploration of the eastern Aegean goes on. From Bozcaada to Ayvalik.

  8. "Deeply sorry to inform you that the decision about Tenedos is irrevocable."

    27.3.1923 Eleftherios Venizelos

    This would be the turning point in this island’s history. 

    Mrs Panagiota is one of the few who still visit their house every summer. 

  9. Tenedos, our first stop.
    Bozcaada is the island’s turkish name. Inhabited mostly by greeks, until they were led to leave during the 20th century.
    Today it is the island where the aegean blue meets the turkish red.

  10. Komotini - Tenedos

  11. Back from a great journey. 

  12. Roadtrip to the East of Europe and West of Asia.

  13. Bu dünya bize kalmayacak.

  14. An inspiring workspace at Patras.